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June 1, 2016
Brunswick Companies offers great rates on Notary Public surety bonds.

What is a Construction Bond and What Can You Get from Construction Bonding Companies?

Contract Bonds guarantee the performance of obligations under a contract. Because a contract bond is often utilized by construction contractors, it is sometimes called a construction surety bond.

A construction surety bond guarantees the obligee that the principal will perform according to the terms of a written contract. Construction bonds constitute most of these bonds. Contract bonds protect a project owner by guaranteeing a contractor's performance and payment for labor and materials. Because the contractor must meet the surety company's pre-qualification standards, construction lenders are also indirectly assured that the project will proceed in accordance with the terms of the contract.

Great Rates on Construction Bonds from Brunswick Companies, one of the top Construction Bonding Companies

Working with a full-service surety bonding company experienced in the needs of the construction business can be an important advantage in finding the best rates on a construction bond for your company.

Brunswick Companies’ Surety Bond Group specializes in construction bonds for general contractors and trade subcontractors. We are a full-service agency and one of the top national surety bonding companies, licensed in every U.S. state.

Construction Surety Bonds - Why Brunswick Companies as your Construction Bonding Company?

Brunswick Companies is an experienced surety broker and one of the top construction bonding companies who can povide an edge in obtaining the best pricing. Mark Levinson, the leader of our surety team, has developed strong relationships with the leading surety bond underwriters so that we may provide our clients with access to more favorable terms and conditions.

With access to a wide range of surety providers, we are positioned to provide assistance with any specialized bonding needs, including a contractor license bond, you might have.

Improve Your Access to Surety Credit

We work closely with our clients to increase their bonding capacity, in line with their expectations for corporate growth. We provide guidance to help you proactively address underwriting concerns, which streamlines the approval process.

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