Construction Company Organizational Chart

July 19, 2017
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At Turner you won't just build structures you'll develop a portfolio of abilities and experience which will take care of your entire career. The job we all do is collaborative, but we encourage you to definitely set large goals on your own. We can help you achieve them. We all know our success is dependent on yours and we'll provide possibilities that you should develop and also be while you proceed.
This collaborative exchange is dependant on shared ideals. You should feel aligned with Turner's values. Relax and take a moment to examine Turner's: Turner’s core clients are construction, but our staff originates from a multitude of professional skills. Turner is organized into departments and/or regions of responsibility. These departments cover the whole construction process in the original purchase to pre-construction, construction and project closeout.

The business chart here shows the fundamental structure of the business unit. (Click for any bigger view)

Most of the departments and roles are described here:

Business Development/Marketing
The company development/marketing department accounts for:

  • Planning plans as a result of a Demands for Plans (RFPs)
  • Making formal presentations to proprietors
  • Understanding, settling and writing contracts for those projects

The preconstruction department which helps in pre-planning of projects and finding methods to potential issues before construction starts. A few of the duties include:

  • Logistics planning, for example site access, material shipping, temporary hoists, and elevators
  • Growth and development of master agendas including material and manpower availability, local laws and conditions
  • Constructability reviews
  • Phasing of labor
  • Value engineering
    Help in preparation of buying requisitions and subcontract contract reviews

The preconstruction staff works carefully using the project manager or project executive around the project with other departments too.

The calculating department evaluates project plans and specifications to look for the overall believed price of a task. This department is good at both quantity take-off and conceptual calculating. Estimators gain experience of architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical and civil work.

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