Certificate in Construction Management

December 15, 2016
Fall Commencement 2014

Supplying Certification for Professional Construction Managers

The Centimetres Certification Program is given through the Construction Manager Certification Institute (CMCI), a completely independent administrative body from the Construction Management Association of the usa (CMAA). The Institute is controlled by a Board of Governors and it is composed of Centimetres experts who have the effect of guidelines and methods affecting criteria for professional certification and also the resolution of individual certification status of candidates signed up for the Centimetres Certification Program.

CMCI's Mission:

"To acknowledge through certification, individual understanding and experience that satisfy the established practices of Construction Management."

CMCI's Vision:

o function as the recognized authority in validating managers from the construction process."

The Institute's goals will be to:

  • Improve professional practice with the establishment of professional development goals.
  • Find out the Centimetres body of understanding and abilities essential for the effective practice of construction management.
  • Recognize people who demonstrate understanding and experience necessary to the concept of professional construction management

Statement of Impartiality

The CMCI Board of Governors (BoG) and certification staff understand the significance of impartiality and conflicts in the treating of certification activities. When undertaking dealings with people and non-people, all active in the certification process will keep an advanced of ethical conduct and steer clear of conflicts of great interest regarding the the performance of the responsibilities.

There will be an avoidance associated with a actions as well as obligations that may create the look of:

• Using positions for private gain

• Giving preferential treatment

• Impeding efficiency

• Losing independence or impartiality

• Affecting negatively the arrogance of CMCI ingredients within the integrity of certification procedures.

The BoG and certification staff will make sure that in the dealings with ingredients that they're and can remain impartial.

Source: cmaanet.org
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