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June 8, 2018
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12 Advantages Log Houses Have Over Stick &lifier Brick Construction

Beyond a steady flow of site visitors trying to take in some rustic ambiance and fasten with Nature, you will find other advantages of possessing a log and timber home over more conventional construction. Longtime home owners say log and timber houses offer wealthy rewards within the stick and brick houses of the neighbors. The advantages begin with your building materials.

1) Trees are Renewable Resource
Since trees really are a renewable resource, log and timber houses include a good eco-friendly pedigree. Whenever a home is made of solid logs, you're effectively using the carbon found in individuals logs from environment circulation within the entire existence of the house. Furthermore, some log and timber home producers harvest standing dead timber (completed in by annoying bugs) or purchase logs from forests licensed as sustainable. Some contractors are creating log and timber houses to eco-friendly building standards too.

2) Lengthy Lasting
Had a know-it-all locally who thinks his brick house is durable? Inform him that log and timber houses still being used in Europe routinely go as far back greater than 800 years. And something log-built chapel in Russia is apparently greater than 1, 700 years youthful.

3) Withstand Mother Nature’s Wrath
The log and timber home industry has numerous tales of those houses effectively weathering the worst weather Nature can hand out, such as the 2005 Severe weather Katrina and Rita. When Rita’s winds triggered a huge oak tree to crash over the top of Menlo Klingman and the wife Mickey’s 1, 700 sq . ft . Satterwhite log and timber home in Eastern Texas, the home’s solid log walls survived the load from the toppled tree and avoided more damage “There is without doubt i believe this log and timber home saved our way of life, ” states Mickey.

4) Fit the Land
Because this organic building material originates from character, the resulting structures blend in to the topography just like a 10-point buck on opening day. Log houses naturally integrate directly into the landscape, instead of being awkwardly enforced onto it.

5) Fast Framework
If you opt to make use of a precut and pre-drilled log system or perhaps a hand made home, the spend of your house could be presented on-site quicker than conventional stick framework, that will reduce the probability of weather-related damages or mildew and mold issues. With the proper crew and building system, it may be weather tight within two weeks—for a typical sized home. In conventional construction, your house is uncovered towards the elements for a lot longer, which can lead to mold issues within framework of the house, where it may thrive undetected for a long time.

6) Warmth of Wood
Warm to touch (instead of the always chilly sheetrock), wood has something known as “thermal mass, ” an all natural property within the logs that can help keep inside temps of houses comfortable in most seasons. This enables log walls to gather and store energy, then radiate it into the home.

7) Super Energy-efficient
Provided the house is sealed correctly (between your foundation and also the first span of logs, between log-to-log connections where the rooftop system meets the log wall), you'll have a super energy-efficient home. Indeed, some contractors routinely build log and timber houses to satisfy the DOE’s “Energy Star” standards. What this means is it will likely be 30% more effective than building codes demand, helping you save serious gold coin within the existence of the house. “Today we are able to develop a log and timber the place to find be 15-20 percent more energy-efficient than the usual conventional home, ” states builder Mike Gingras, who owns Seven North Log Houses in New Haven, Vermont, that has designed and built Energy Star-ranked log and timber houses within the last 18 years.

8) An Image may be worth a 1000 Words
Hanging an image in the home with drywall is really a large ordeal, including a stud finder, a hammer or drill and bruised fingers—maybe a bruised ego, as your spouse may let you know to maneuver the image, needing patch work. Home owners report the simplicity hanging an image is a the straightforward joys of just living inside a log and timber home.

9) Rustic Doesn’t Mean It's Not Hi-tech
While rugged is appealing, toughing it's certainly out. Habits today’s log and timber home owners progressively desire a hideaway that’s connected, automated and secure. Many log and timber home owners are adding backup machines (just in case of energy black outs), home security system along with a CAT 5 wiring system that may accommodate high-speed video, voice and knowledge, in addition to a host of recent communication technologies coming.

10) Your Eyes Get It
If you are concerned about mold, mildew or insect pests, a log and timber home offers obvious advantages since you’ll have the ability to see anything untoward, simply by going for a stroll around your house and aesthetically checking the logs. This quick recognition results in a less pricey remedy. As opposed to a standard home, the sealed wall tooth decay could be a hidden refuge for mold, mildew and bug pests, that may cause much more damage before its detected.

Source: loghomes.org
Log Home Construction - Handcrafting
Log Home Construction - Handcrafting
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Homestead Log Homes construction video
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Log Home Construction Time Lapse
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