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August 4, 2017
Parks and Rides

“Modernity by no means declines history…”

I really like this quote, since it would go to the center of the common misunderstanding today: that “modern” designers must stay at odds with history. And as you can tell in the projects on our website, we're modern designers nobody enjoy engaging with and exploring history.

All of our projects, in the own way, looks to history through contemporary eyes. Many are reinterpretations of actual historic structures, while some are contemporary expressions loosely according to Palladian nine-square grids. And others mix elements with contrasting associations into one design, always looking for fresh expression. Our range is wide, but each design begins exactly the same, using the deep look for a fundamental order which will define the architecture, because one always feels the deep underlying order inside a great house.

Contemporary styles notwithstanding, we no more reside in Modernist occasions. Rather, our era is definitely an eclectic and publish-modern one. Publish-style, actually, with lots of styles getting their very own advocates. It's a pluralism that may be confusing too, as historic styles are, ultimately, basically historic. So, to lead towards the conversation nowadays history should be “renovated” and reinterpreted via a contemporary lens. Which is that this realization that guides our practice.

We don't copy yesteryear, or reject it. Rather, we embrace what it really offers, study and evaluate it to abstract, mix and juxtapose its elements within the new structures we create. And hopefully, when we do that well, the outcomes is going to be pleasing enough to serve you for a very long time, bringing in advocates in successive generation in the future.

“On the contrary… truly innovative design… makes visible previously something which we are able to only see in the outlook during today.”

“Internship” Possibilities:

For more than 25 years or so, James Merrell Designers has informally provided youthful designers by having an immersive experience in most facets of residential design and architectural practice. Recent graduates joining our firm quickly end up involved in most facets of our work, from working together within the design phases, to project detailing as well as-the-area contract administration. Consequently, motivated, unskilled designers here usually have acquired professional experience in an exceptional pace.

Over that very same period our studio has developed from the sole-specialist model right into a vibrant collaborative design culture, where daily procedures are handled through the consensus of the team, all formerly interns within our office. Acknowledging the significance of developing designers within our past, this team really wants to formally dedicate two positions within our firm for motivated, youthful designers. In the end call these positions “internships, ” they aren't typical internship positions. For the best candidates they incorporate a competitive salary, benefits, and housing (not less than 12 several weeks).

Source: jamesmerrellarchitects.com
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