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February 12, 2021
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The 26 firms listed employ 248 licensed designers, an expert staff of 538 (including designers) and total staff of 789. Their professional services vary from architecture and engineering to interior, landscape and wireless communication design. The 4 earliest companies out there are also rated within the top ten and all sorts of four are located in Sacramento. Lionakis, which ranks No. 1, was initially established in the region in 1909. Nacht &lifier Lewis Designers Corporation. started in 1922, Stafford King Wiese Designers started in 1945 while Dreyfuss &lifier Blackford Designers started in 1950.

Architectural firms rated by quantity of licensed designers in ties rated by 2012 revenue

  1. Lionakis, Sacramento, 39, $29.33 million
  2. HGA Designers &lifier Engineers, Roseville, 17, $9.76 million
  3. Dreyfuss &lifier Blackford Designers, Sacramento, 16, $5.21 million
  4. Stantec Architecture Corporation., Sacramento, 14, $ million
  5. LPAS Architecture and style, Sacramento, 14, $5.8 million

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