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August 8, 2016
The Arlington Theater Santa

S+D is brought by partners Russell Shubin and Robin Donaldson. Russell and Robin are generally licensed Designers and try to collaborate on project strategy along with other key facets of project design and execution. With offices both in Culver City, CA and Santa Barbara, CA projects are organized together effort, brought and matched by an designated project manager and project architect. The offices are outfitted to aid in-house architecture, design, and visualization.

S+D views itself not only an architectural firm, however a progressive and style-minded company having a free and open studio atmosphere where creative experimentation is urged, while keeping logistics and discipline of budget and schedule important to effective and collaborative business relations. This gives an engaged tension resulting in imaginative breakthrough solutions healthy, materiality, graphics, and interior organization methods.

Shubin + Donaldson Designers began in 1990 by principals Russell Shubin and Robin Donaldson like a design-based architectural practice which is an expert in developing livable conditions having a refined sensitivity toward the land, its customers, and context. With offices both in Culver City and nearby Santa Barbara, California, the firm collectively aims for distinction with the imaginative style of sophisticated, context-driven structures and towns standing as expressions from the customers, the atmosphere, along with the designers.

A very rigorous and collaborative design process works for the principals and staff in search of a refined balance between your needs for building and housing along with a respect for that upkeep of natural settings and watersheds. With extensive experience of residential multi-family master planning, community planning, commercial structures, educational institutions, custom residential, and commercial inside, Shubin+Donaldson Designers take pride in an explorative method of design mixing function with efficiency, and innovative tactile and material expression with social and environment conscience.

Shubin + Donaldson Designers are dedicated to the fact that the atmosphere and human endeavor aren't mutually exclusive and thru creative and thoughtful planning, can effectively cohabit and constantly enhance each other sustainably, socially, in addition to economically.

We feel the careful stewardship from the built atmosphere can stimulate the regrowth of natural systems and procedures that will consequently step towards rebuilding and strengthening the material of self confidence. Considering current trends toward global population growth and densification, Shubin+Donaldson Designers think that the bold declaration ‘The more we build, the greater it's for that planet’ is definitely an ambitious yet achievable vision if contacted smartly and led through the tenets of reduction, conservation, and sustainable utilization of natural assets.

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