Ancient Chinese Art and Architecture

April 23, 2015
The Sui and Tang dynasties

Badaling Great Wall, BeijingAlong with European and Arabian architecture, ancient Chinese architecture is a vital component around the globe architectural system. Throughout its lengthy development, it progressively created right into a style which featured timberwork mixing stone carving, rammed earth construction, bucket arch structures and lots of other techniques. Hands on Chinese toiling people produced many architectural miracles like the Great Wall, Forbidden City and also the Mausoleum from the First Qin Emperor.

Forbidden City, Beijing
Badaling Great Wall, Beijing
Features: The most important characteristic is using timber framework. Works of art and designs and carvings were put into the architectural work to really make it more beautiful and engaging. Ancient Chinese structures possess a lengthy history which may be tracked to the Shang Empire (16th century BC - 771 BC). It features its own concepts of structure and layout. With the lengthy development, many miracles happen to be produced by hands on and clever toiling people. Ancient architectural miracles are countless varying from Great Wall, Whitened Equine Temple, Mogao Caves to Summer time Structure and Forbidden City.
Intricate colored ceiling of the pavilion
Shaped layout of the courtyard
Ancient Chinese architecture is principally timberwork. Wooden posts, beams, lintels and joists from the framework of the house. Walls function as the separation of rooms without bearing the load from the whole home, that is unique to China. Like a famous saying goes, 'Chinese houses will still stand when their walls collapse.' The niche of wood requires antisepsis techniques to become adopted, thus evolves into Chinese own architectural painting decoration. Colored glaze roofs, home windows with exquisite applique design and delightful flower designs on wooden support beams reflect our prime-degree of the craftsmen's handicraft as well as their wealthy imagination.
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