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November 18, 2014
Valley Road Plans

Faulconer offers numerous niche contracting services for unique projects, in which the
experience and capacity of the expert is important.

Emergency Response

We’ve been known as out by utility service companies, condition and native agencies like VDOT and NCDOT and rail the likes of Norfolk Southern and CSX to deal with several problems. We take great pride in our capability to answer these calls quickly and effectively, fixing the issue while keeping our excellent safety and quality standards.

Helical Pier Foundation Systems

Faulconer is really a licensed installer of AB Chance helical piers for challenging foundation installations and repairs. This technique balances otherwise difficult-to-repair foundation problems inside a cost-effective manner. Helical piers are frequently more cost-effective and provide a cleaner installation than a number of other deep foundation systems, and may frequently be installed without heavy machinery, causeing this to be technology well suited for areas, in addition to tight industrial programs, for new construction and makeovers or repairs.

Stronghold (TM) Carbon Fibre Strengthened Polymers Installation

We utilize carbon fibre strengthened polymers to correct and reinforce foundation walls and/or any other structural factors that are bowed and cracked. These structural supports prevent further degeneration from the wall, mitigating more dramatic foundation problems later. HJ3’s suite of carbon fibre items can also be readily available for other programs including industrial and commercial piping, tank and floor repairs.

Prefabricated Bridge + Detention Structure Installation &lifier Fundamentals

Bridge construction is frequently some infrastructure-related projects. We utilize prefabricated bridge elements including structural plates, precast concrete archways and trusses, made to satisfy the unique needs of the specific project. We have experience of installing these prefabricated models as part of large subterranean stormwater detention systems.

Extraction &lifier Filtration

Quality of air is extremely important for safe practices. Faulconer’s niche extraction and filtration services target air pollutants like dust, fumes, gases, smells, combustible substances and oil mist.

Course Construction &lifier Restoration

Courses, popular for entertainment so that as anchors for contemporary residential developments, require complicated site development including excavation and earth movement, built-in water systems and landscape features for example hillsides, ponds and trails that provide both aesthetic and functional reasons. Faulconer’s large number of site-prep machinery enables us to do the huge most of course site operate in-house.

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