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July 7, 2015
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Salary Outlook

Construction employees carry out the important task of creating our infrastructure, so their median salary – one that’s approximately $30Thousand – may appear surprising. In 2013, the greatest compensated out there gained $58, 900 each year, and also the cheapest compensated gained under $20Thousand. The typical salary for construction employees in 2013 was $35, 020. The urban centers that best pay their construction employees are Leominster, Massachusetts Gary, Indiana and Brockton, Massachusetts.

Job Salary Year
2004 $29, 640
2006 $30, 530
2008 $32, 990
2010 $34, 040
2012 $34, 490
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Average Construction Worker Pay versus. Other Best Jobs

Individuals being employed as general construction workers made a typical earnings of , 020 in 2013, that is generally under what individuals who focus on a particular trade collect. For example, craftsmen gained about $10Thousand greater than a general construction worker in 2013, and structural iron and steel employees gained about $16Thousand more. Employees within this sector who handle the logistics of the project also make more: cost estimators introduced home typically $63, 660 in 2013, and construction managers gained typically $92, 700.

Job Title Salary
Construction Manager $84, 410
Cost Estimator $59, 460
Electrical installer

Best Having to pay Metropolitan areas for Construction Employees

The greatest compensated within the construction worker profession operate in the urban centers of recent You are able to City, Leominster, Massachusetts, and Kankakee, Illinois. The Brockton, Massachusetts area also pays well, along with the town of Gary, Indiana.

The typical earnings of a building worker employed in New You are able to City is $54, 120.

The typical earnings of a building worker employed in Leominster, Massachusetts is $55, 960.

The typical earnings of a building worker employed in Kankakee, Illinois is $53, 350.

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