Construction Management Salaries

July 28, 2015

Construction managers need to be effective communicators.Construction managers have to be effective communicators.


Construction projects require coordination between engineers, designers, sub-contractors and employees. Additionally, you will find legal rules that must definitely be adopted, including safety, labor and building codes. Construction project managers bear the majority of the responsibility for making certain the project matches all codes and laws and regulations, stays within budget and keeps towards the needed schedule.

Average Salary Countrywide

The Bls reviews that by May 2011, the typical earnings for construction managers was $93, 900 each year. The cheapest 10 % gained a maximum of $50, 650 yearly. The greatest compensated 10 % gained $149, 070 or even more each year.

States with Greatest Average Salaries

Location can enjoy a significant part within the wages taken care of any occupation, including construction project managers. Based on the BLS, the condition using the greatest average salaries for that profession is totally new You are able to, at $128, 170 each year. In Nj, construction managers gained typically $125, 790 each year, as well as in Rhode Island they averaged $124, 650. The typical salary was $111, 860 within the District of Columbia and $111, 350 in Alaska.

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Salary Data by Industry

By May 2011, companies involved with personal computers design services compensated the greatest salaries to construction project managers in an average annual wage of $136, 770. Construction managers involved in building lodging for vacationers gained typically $130, 510 each year. Individuals involved with building arcades and theme parks averaged $125, 980 each year. A lot of the nation’s construction managers were engaged nonresidential construction and gained typically $94, 450 each year.

Being a Construction Project Manager

Based on the BLS, some project managers only have a higher school diploma combined with extensive experience of an associated trade. The popularity would be to hire candidates with experience in addition to a four-year degree inside a relevant area for example architecture, construction science, engineering and construction management. Two-year levels in construction technology or construction management are acceptable with a companies when the applicant also offers experience of a trade for example bricklaying or woodworking. Experience like a subcontractor, intern or assistant construction manager can also be advantageous. Certification isn't mandatory, but passing the exams given through the Construction Management Association of the usa or even the American Institute of Constructors could be useful.

Job Outlook for Construction Managers

The BLS forecasts that the amount of construction management jobs will grow 17 % throughout the last decade ending in 2020. New construction will take into account area of the growth, however, many managers will discover employment remodeling existing structures. Additionally, construction project managers is going to be required to replace or upgrade sewers, bridges, streets along with other infrastructure.

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