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April 17, 2015
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With employees varying from headquarters to branch and remote offices to project teams on-site, Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) companies be aware of concept of “distributed teams” greater than every other industry. Collaboration isn’t a buzzword here, it’s a genuine business need inside a highly competitive industry.

Safeguarding and Stretching Use of Massive Files within the AEC Industry

Today’s Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) firms face most of the same challenges. Files keep growing tremendously, in size and sheer amounts. Our clients has witnessed file dimensions expand from three Megabytes to 300 Megabytes recently. Others cope with 300 GB files and can have around 15 TB of file data being produced at any time.

These complex files would be the center from the business, so they ought to be safely saved and guarded. Yet their massive size results in massive expenses and unnecessarily time-consuming work. You will find unpredicted costs too: Our clients can just run backup copies for fun on saturday due to the bandwidth needed, as well as then your task wasn't always completed, as engineers and designers would frequently work individuals hrs and tax the network themselves.

Finally, AEC firms have to have the ability to make files open to customers no matter their whereabouts. Oftentimes, employees focusing on exactly the same project are located in different offices. Yet all of them need high-performance accessibility same data, together with enhanced comfort of understanding that the work they do won't be wasted because of conflicts. Engineers and project managers have to have the ability to access critical business files not only in the office, but when they're going to client sites, too. This type of secure mobile access is crucial.

The conventional methods to addressing file sprawl within the AEC industry are really complex and costly. With file dimensions only poised to improve, this issue will simply worsen.

An Extensive, Cost-Effective Means to fix File Sprawl

Nasuni combines the need for the cloud using the local performance and security of on-site storage. It makes sense an extensive solution that provides limitless scalability, built-in protection, true global file discussing and immediate access for each user, from the location or device. It's additional control within the entire storage atmosphere, across all locations and temporary project sites, than in the past. And in comparison to traditional storage, our AEC clients typically save 40-60%.

Limitless File Storage – With Nasuni, capacity scales on-demand within the cloud, so our clients pay only for that storage they will use. Nasuni is made to handle every file workload, including complex AEC files, and to save cash for the clients. Active files are cached in your area for top performance access, as the master copy of data is incorporated in the cloud. Older project files are available anytime, but they don't have to reside on local hardware, which removes the requirement for an enormous storage footprint and cuts costs.

Enhanced Collaboration – Nasuni is made on the highly scalable, cloud-centric method of distributed file discussing, so there's no limit to the amount of sites. While customers enjoy immediate access to in your area cached data, the actual copy of every file resides within the cloud, so engineers, designers along with other employees in almost any office can certainly connect to the same data without conflicts. With Nasuni, collaboration is fast, easy and secure.

Mobile Access – Clients in each and every location enjoy high end use of files, from headquarters to small regional offices or temporary project sites. Yet Nasuni also stretches secure use of individuals same files to mobile products – an important feature for engineers, designers and project managers going to client sites or focusing on the street.

Built-in Protection – Nasuni frequently pushes pictures of file data towards the cloud, making certain that the complete file history is safely saved in multiple geographic locations. There's no limit towards the history or quantity of pictures, which prevents unpredicted cost increases, and Nasuni removes the requirement for separate backup systems, redundant data centers and much more.

Rapid Disaster Recovery – DR is incorporated with Nasuni’s built-in protection. Files could be retrieved within a few minutes within the situation of economic disruption or equipment failure, among our clients learned whenever a energy outage shut lower certainly one of their remote offices for a few days. Because of Nasuni, there is no effect on business productivity.

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