Construction Management Certification

July 1, 2015
Degree in Construction

The Licensed Construction Manager (CCM) may be the “gold standard” in personnel qualifications for that Construction Management profession. It's the only Centimetres certification accredited through the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) underneath the Worldwide Organization for Standardization’s ISO 17024 standard.

CCM is progressively per leading proprietors within their construction RFPs. An increasing number of organizations also have adopted a “Culture of Certification, ” that is assumed, enterprise-wide, the best Content management systems is going to be Licensed Content management systems, and also the organization supports its professionals in going after the CCM and offers financial along with other recognition for accomplishing this high distinction.

Greater than 2, 600 professionals now boast the designation “Certified Construction Manager.”

They are fully aware the worth this distinction brings for their careers and also the confidence it inspires within their clients. The Licensed Construction Manager (CCM) is somebody who has under your own accord met the recommended criteria from the CCM program regarding formal education, area experience and shown capacity and knowledge of the Centimetres body of understanding. Licensed Construction Managers give a professional service: they apply effective management strategies to the look, design, and construction of the project from beginning to completion with regards to controlling time, cost and quality.

Enroll in a distinguished number of professionals and put on the indication of leadership and accomplishment

CCMs make dedication to excellence in program/construction management, a better job as well as an ongoing quest for understanding. The CCM Designation is extremely regarded as by peers, clients along with other industry professionals because the worldwide designation for professional PMs and Content management systems.

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Demonstration of the Construction Management Software
Demonstration of the Construction Management Software
About Constructor Certification
About Constructor Certification
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