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December 30, 2014
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Construction Software Vendor LandscapeConstruction software programs are an umbrella term that describes a category of programs which help firms manage from materials takeoff and calculating to job costing and project management software.

With more than 200 solutions available on the market, construction software is among the most complex (and fragmented) marketplaces we cover. We authored this informative guide that will help you comprehend the various industry applications—and how they may enhance your business.

This is what we'll cover:

Common Options that come with Construction Software

Construction software programs map towards the processes needed to consider a task from initial intends to completion. Within the table below, we profile the most typical applications—and the way they are useful—to assist you to choose which programs you'll need.

Allows faster and much more accurate takeoffs by permitting the estimator to determine measures, areas and volumes from paper blueprints or digital files (e.g., CAD sketches or Ebooks). Many systems permit you to perform takeoff entirely digitally, getting rid of the requirement for paper documents. Produces professional-searching bids according to your takeoff. To improve the precision of estimates—and profitability of projects—the system pulls current labor and materials prices from the costs database. Handles procurement, buying and contract management processes. For example, the machine supplies a database to keep subcontractor information so that you can rapidly pull a listing of subs to transmit bid demands later on. Allows the critical path method (CPM) to assist project managers effectively schedule people, assets and tasks. It tracks who's working where, when you’ll need project assets to reach and using equipment. To visualise agendas, most systems use familiar Gantt charts. Can help you track project costs, manage important documentation (e.g. change orders) and collaborate with everyone concerned around the project. Additionally, it tracks believed project costs against actual to assist remain on budget. To learn more, see our free e-book that compares construction software cost and prices models. Supplies a specialized group of project management software programs to help building proprietors, site managers and contractors in matching capital projects. These commercial construction software programs focus less on arranging and also the hands-on particulars and much more around the high-level summary of the projects and portfolio cycles. Handles the main accounting and job costing needs of companies. Most choices are made around employment costing module that enables accounting staff to allocate costs through the job by CSI code to handle projects profitability. Tracks all customer contact details, past interactions/jobs carried out and future potential clients. For many firms, an over-all application will suffice. However, contractors should evaluate a homebuilder CRM system because of unique needs. Supports the requirements of companies with multiple area service specialists. Enables companies to produce work orders, dispatch specialists within the area and monitor their spares inventory.

Which kind of Buyer Are You Currently?

That will help you narrow the area, we present five common buyer goals below. A number of these goals might align together with your needs. Keep these in your mind while you read and evaluate construction software reviews.

You need to consolidate multiple programs. If you are using construction management solutions from multiple different companies and therefore are annoyed by the possible lack of integration, you need to evaluate integrated construction suites. Large companies may wish to opt for enterprise-level companies for example Oracle or SAP. Meanwhile, mid-sized companies need to look at systems like Foundation for Home windows, Sage Master Builder Software or ComputerEase simply because they offer robust core functionality with a number of add-on modules.

You have to boost efficiency in a single area (e.g., calculating). Should you consistently have difficulties with taking care of of the business, you’ll want to check out suppliers that provide stand alone, or “best of breed” programs which means you don’t purchase more functionality than you'll need. Since these programs would be best of breed, additionally they generally have much deeper functionality than what’s offered in suites.

Meanwhile, we regularly recommend Paskr and Procore to purchasers that require a stand alone project management software application. These suppliers are laser-centered on this need and also have experience serving a number of specialties. Make reference to our buyer’s help guide to better appreciate this market.

You’re a niche firm that requires a distinctive system. Many niche firms will discover that modules generally software for construction does not adequately fit their demands. For instance, an estimator for a mason may need a very specialized electrical calculating system to adequately estimate current drops and the amount of conduit boxes needed. A lot of our popular niche buyer’s guides address the electrical, concrete and highOrfreeway trades.

You’re getting difficulty adapting an over-all accounting package. When you are annoyed by needing to adapt an over-all accounting package to support your payroll, subcontracting and job costing needs then it’s time for you to proceed to a building-specific accounting program. Large- and medium-sized firms should evaluate Point of view V6 and Sage 300 Construction and Property (formerly Sage Timberline Office). Meanwhile, small firms improving from an entry-level package for example Quickbooks or Peachtree should evaluate ComputerEase, FOUNDATION for Home windows, Maxwell ProContractorMX and Construction Partner.

You’re searching to obtain off pen and paper. For the first construction company software purchase, it’s vital that you select a system that may serve your requirements now and to return. To that particular finish, you’ll wish to select a system that may expand together with your business. We discover that small firms should begin with a light-weight and cost-effective system that may automate a number of your processes immediately. A couple of items to think about within this scenario are Sage 100 (formerly Master Builder), Jonas Enterprise and Plus Series by Contractor Software Group.

Obviously, you will find other things to consider additionally to those purchasing situations. A couple of stuff that will influence which vendor provides the best construction software for the business are how big your company, your trade specialty area, as well as your accessibility to IT assets and expertise.

Market Trends to know

Numerous trends count observing while you evaluate systems:

Software like a Service (SaaS). SaaS—a deployment model by which programs are located through the vendor and utilized using a Web browser—is gradually attaining in recognition inside the industry. The most typical SaaS, or cloud, programs concentrate on project management software. SaaS is less frequent in accounting and calculating. Purchasers searching for new programs should certainly evaluate SaaS choices.

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