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June 25, 2015
Finding the Best Construction

Construction Project Management Software FunctionalityMost construction managers be aware of names Primavera and Prolog, but you will find greater than 100 additional project management software programs available on the market. You will find systems for general companies, sub-contractors, building proprietors and construction managers. Many are sophisticated enterprise-class systems, while some are pretty straight forward solutions for that solo construction manager. We’ve put this comparison guide together to make feeling of this fragmented market.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

Functionality Incorporated in Project Management Software Programs

“The best-laid plans of rodents and males frequently go wrong.Inches Sure, but with the proper systems in position, construction managers delivers more projects on-some time and on-budget. And that’s precisely what construction project management software software is made to do, amongst other things.

The main of the top project management software product is its document control module for change orders, submittals, transmittals and demands for information (RFIs). To create working together simpler, many suppliers offer Cloud construction document store to permit managers along with other team people to gain access to mission critical documents anywhere with a web connection.

Other core modules include budgeting, cost control, critical path method (CPM) arranging and punch list management. More complex systems includes modules for bid solicitation, procurement, online plan rooms, Leadership in Energy &lifier Environment Design (LEED) monitoring and photo and sitecam management. The functionality map and table below it can benefit you realize the more knowledge about what these programs do.

Construction Software BuyerView 2014

In 2013, Software Advice spoke to 1000's of purchasers evaluating new construction software. We lately examined our interactions to understand what criteria purchasers use to create buying choices.

We found:

  1. The main reason purchasers evaluate construction software programs are to improve efficiency.
  2. Project management software and calculating would be the most-asked for programs.
  3. A huge most of purchasers (78 percent) do not have a deployment preference.

For additional experience from your survey, including experience from technology leader Steven Mulka, founding partner of SIS Software and person in the Association of General Companies (AGC) IT Steering committee, take a look at our Construction Software BuyerView 2014.

Common Options that come with Construction Project Management Software Software

Module What it really Does
Change orders Tracks all change orders posted across projects and updates your budget to mirror the newest costs.
RFI &lifier submittals Tracks starting time and date of RFIs and submittals and whether an answer continues to be sent/received.
Document control Archives all project documents to facilitate collaboration and everybody up-to-date on the newest plans.
Project arranging Assists with planning tasks (so when they should be completed) to be able to have a project running easily.
Equipment &lifier assets Helps allocate the way a firm’s equipment along with other assets (e.g., labor) are utilized across projects.
Bid plans Helps solicit and track bids from sub-contractors to obtain the right team for the projects.
Transmittals Stores an eye on communications sent or received between everyone concerned for future reference.
Purchase orders Logs all products bought during the period of focusing on a task to trace and manage expenses.
Job costing &lifier budgeting Monitors current costs from the budget to trace the price to completion.

When looking for systems, it’s vital that you search in to the features each program offers. For example, you’ll likely wish to measure the project dashboard of every package you appear at to make certain the key performance indications (KPIs) and metrics vital that you controlling work are in the forefront. Obviously, you’ll should also understand how easy to customize this dashboard is so that you can adapt it for your unique small business.

Project management software dashboard from Procore

When you choose which features you'll need, you've got a choice between purchasing best-of-breed (i.e., stand alone) systems or applying programs available inside a full-suite construction software offering. Best-of-breed systems generally offer modern-day functionality and permit managers to apply the machine faster without based on other departments, like accounting. Meanwhile, full-suite programs offer tight integration between your project management software application and also the valuable financial data saved in accounting and job costing application. You may also choose from proprietary, open-source reely construction project management software software according to your technology needs.

Obviously, you'll want to choose a trade-specific system to suit the firm's needs. For example, an architectural firm should evaluate architectural project management software software and engineering firms should evaluate software developed particularly for engineering firms. Finally, purchasers can pick between software like a service (SaaS), or “Web-based, ” systems as well as on-premise systems.

Which kind of Buyer Are You Currently?

Before you decide to dive in to the particulars of the particular vendor offering—and start reading through project management software software reviews—you may wish to identify yourself among the buyer types we’ve detailed below. Most purchasers fall under one of these simple groups:

General companies. These purchasers are searching for robust functionality that can help them track costs, manage documents and in some cases, schedule the work. Project managers at these GCs will seek best-of-breed solutions, while C-level professionals may push for integrated construction management and accounting suites. Example suppliers: Maxwell ProContractorMX CPM, Paskr, Primavera, Procore, Prolog, Sage.

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