Careers in Architecture and Construction

January 24, 2016
On Careers in Architecture

The Architecture and Construction cluster prepares people for careers in creating, planning, controlling, building, and looking after the built atmosphere. People going after work within the Architecture and Construction cluster focus on new structures, corrections, additions, modifications, and repairs.


  • People going after work in Design/Pre-Construction Path create our future! They turn an idea into some plans. Their plans guide other construction professionals because they continue your building process.
  • People going after work in Construction are people who build and redesign houses, flats, industrial structures, warehouses, office structures, places of worship, schools and leisure facilities. This path includes the contractors of freeways, roads, bridges, tunnels, and international airports in addition to energy plants, chemical plants, refineries, and mills.
  • People going after work in Maintenance/Procedures Path keep our future intact! Fundamental essentials individuals who unload, inspect, and move new equipment in place. They determine the perfect positioning of machines inside a plant, assemble machinery, install machinery, repair machinery and perform preventive maintenance. They identify, identify, and proper minor problems on machinery, keep your structure of the establishment in good repair, and keep the graceful operation of refineries, energy plants, chemical plants, and mills.
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