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May 12, 2017
Angelini &lifier Affiliates Designers started in 1989 by Bradford and Theresa Angelini. For more than 23 years the firm has centered on creating innovative, top quality design solutions for homes within the Ann Arbor area and throughout Michigan. Throughout this time around, work has created designs for more than 400 and fifty projects. These projects include both makeovers and new construction that span stylistic limitations to complement the context and client needs.

Angelini &lifier Affiliates continues to be the person receiving numerous Detroit Home Honours in groups including: Restoration under 1000 sq. foot., Historic Residential Restoration, Retirement Home, Kitchen Design, Custom Window Installation, and employ of Interior Color. The firm’s work was featured within the book “Dream Houses of Michigan”, released in The month of january 2008. This Year, another book, “Perspectives on Design” Great Ponds, featured 7 from the firm’s recent home designs.

Several residential projects happen to be featured in local guides such as the “House at Heron Oaks”, the “Farmhouse in Dexter”, the “Collins Home”, the “Maixner Residence”, “The House at WindyCrest” and also the “House on Louise Way”. Michigan Home &lifier Lifestyle Magazine featured Angelini &lifier Affiliates and also the “House at Cobblestone Farms”, a Silver LEED Licensed home, during the cold months 2011 problem.

Angelini &lifier Affiliates is dedicated to creating designs which are energy-efficient and employ materials sensibly. We value sustainable design concepts and may provide LEED certification expertise.

Kaira and Theresa Angelini work together, both working together in the style of every project at work. This team philosophy stretches to incorporate the customer, builder, and consultants as partners. Work includes the 2 founding partners, three project designers, and three project designers. People from the firm draw upon an array of past professional experience to tell their participation in current design projects. Each design option would be formed and impacted by a consideration from the clients’ desires and needs, sustainability and eco-friendly building concepts, the website constraints and potential, the historic context, materials and structure, and architectural precedents.

Angelini &lifier Affiliates Designers has gained the status of
•Listening and interacting well with clients and contractors
•Working well with diverse ideas and inspiring consensus
•Providing creative and sensitive design solutions


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