Williamsburg High School for Architecture and Design

September 8, 2015
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generally known as WHSAD, Architecture and style or A&D, is really a 9-twelfth grade college basic senior high school dedicated to developing students as imaginative critical thinkers. A&D is really a New You are able to City public senior high school that is an expert within the integration of architecture, design, and historic upkeep into its classes.

WHSAD's Historic Upkeep program provides learning the upkeep trades and related professions for example architecture, conservation, engineering, and city planning. It's the only senior high school within the U . s . States having a four-year comprehensive historic upkeep curriculum.

WHSAD belongs to a bigger complex, the Harry Van Arsdale campus, and shares your building with two other schools: Williamsburg Prep and Brooklyn Prep. WHSAD is situated mainly around the second floor, with a few classes around the third and fifth flooring. It's a small school, as a result the teacher-student ratio is considerably under those of bigger public schools.


WHSAD is basic school which was produced included in the New Visions for Public Schools program. It is an expert in architecture and style courses that train students how you can draw architectural plans, make three dimensional computer models using CAD software and make three dimensional models using card board, wood, etc. Most schools offering architecture don't allow it to be available until junior year but at WHSAD students dive in to the subject as freshmen.

Additionally towards the regular curriculum, students can learn The spanish language, design, architecture, or engineering techniques.

You will find also advanced classes including:

Close ties[edit]

Students can be found valuable experience of the fields of architecture and engineering through their workbased learning program. Their architecture and engineering students possess the chance to operate and gain working experience at the same time and current trends of the selected fields.

Include, but aren't limtiied to:

  • Yearbook Committee
  • Peer Teaching
  • Drama Club
  • Step/Dance Club
  • Fine Arts Club
  • Chess Club
  • Yoga Club
  • Handball
  • Boys/Women Volleyball team
  • Boys Baseball
  • Women Softball
  • Boys/Women Track
  • Weightlifting
  • Talent Show
  • College Now
  • Ace Mentor Program
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