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January 24, 2017
11 Gallery Pics For Landscape

The curriculum comprises 19 needed courses and 5 models of electives for as many as 63 semester models (1, 113 hrs of instruction). Candidates be forced to pay a nonrefundable certificate registration fee.

Needed courses should be taken for any letter grade and also you must earn a C or better in most courses if your course is adopted a not-for-credit basis, it can't be used toward the certificate. Certificates with Distinction is going to be granted to individuals who complete the certificate having a GPA of three.85 or greater. Greater degree-time students complete the needed courses in four or five years, taking 1 to 3 courses per term. All training should be completed within 5 years of signing up for that certificate.

This can be a appropriately oriented certificate consequently, standards and anticipation in our students are very high. All classes are demanding and need an remarkable commitment of time and effort. Investing 10 hrs each week to accomplish homework within the foundation courses and most 20 hrs each week within the advanced courses isn't uncommon.

How you can Register

By signing up, you declare your intention to accomplish the curriculum. To join up online for that Certificate Enter in Landscape Architecture, complete both of these steps:

  1. Spend the money for nonrefundable registration fee using your shopping cart software. Please allow 3–5 working days for that registration to look inside your student account.

Believed Cost

Each course is listed individually, and also you spend the money for course fee during the time of enrollment. The certificate comes with an believed total price of $23Thousand (excluding course materials or registration fee). Course costs are susceptible to change.

Certificate and Award Request

After you have completed the certificate training, inform UC Berkeley Extension you have completed the curriculum and ask for your certificate. Send an e-mail to or call (510) 664-7824. After your records happen to be examined, verified, and approved, your certificate will be delivered to you within the mail. Review of the records is generally completed within 6 to 8 days once you request the certificate.

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