Landscape Architecture quotes

December 7, 2016
Landscape Architecture Quotes

Lately there is a cadre of posts in the Dwell blog centered on the landscape - included in the 101 Landscape. The information was mostly passable, with a few info on this history of the marketplace, as well as an interesting article on lawn reduction... among many others.

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I had been particularly thinking about the quotes from the trio of noted landscape designers on the way forward for Landscape Architect. The throwaway could well be Kathryn Gustafson's quote around the urbanist habits and also the style that follows - with this particular jewel: "I believe the thought of the American house is being changed, ” describes Kathryn Gustafson. “Landscape has become more built-into our metropolitan areas and our [domestic spaces].”

Diana Balmori, among the L+U favs, offers some knowledge on the thought of the perception of a residential scale past the typical garden plot. “Many want functional space for play, exercise, games, or the sensation of openness. It’s the development of several choices that's interesting... Landscape architecture isn't a fixing or mitigating agent for architecture. When engaged concurrently using the architecture, it transforms it and allows connectivity between inside and outdoors.”

The ultimate quote, from Michael Van Valkenburgh, provides an interesting twist on the need for residential design. “Although it might not be for everyone, [residential] design is in no way less important compared to bigger commissions. Small projects, whether residential or otherwise, are an essential method for designers to understand more about new ideas, regardless if you are a novice or perhaps an experienced designer. Also, large projects sometimes dominate ten years to create and finish. Whenever you love the skill of construction and planting around we all do, you'll need some side projects that help you stay for the reason that atmosphere even when you are going after more lengthy-term projects.”
He adds some facts about the long run from an academic perspective: “ of the vital elements I must see our program address better may be the intersection between environment science and style. Just how can landscape designers take advantage of the most up to date research being carried out, and just how are we able to push or lead research with techniques that can help us to construct landscapes which are both experientially wealthy and eco seem?”

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