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May 8, 2017
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Wolff Landscape Architecture, Corporation. is really a landscape architecture firm in Chicago. Our broad practice areas include planning, landscape architecture, streetscape and concrete design, and historic landscape upkeep. Project types include parks and entertainment, natural areas, high-rise, mid-rise, and occasional-rise housing, streetscapes and plazas, high-rise office structures, office parks and company grounds, college and college grounds, lifestyle, large box, niche along with other retail, a number of commercial projects, hotels, and historic landscapes.

The firm’s clients include public agencies, designers, schools and colleges, institutions, park districts and departments, and our fellow professionals, including designers and engineers.

The senior staff has decades of combined experience, and we have specialized project understanding and experience that allows us to supply services on a multitude of project types. We're involved on the majority of complex projects with large interdisciplinary teams, and comprehend the collaboration that's needed to utilize the customer, designers, engineers, other consultants, government, the city, yet others. At its best we feel that the interdisciplinary team cooperating is a good example of the entire being more than the sum of the its parts.

Planning produces the framework for that physical organization of natural and synthetic systems, and enables another design disciplines to proceed from the common beginning point. Our planning services include land planning, feasibility studies, master planning, zoning programs, and related services.

Landscape architecture combines human activities and development with natural and concrete conditions. We're enthusiastic about the main difference thoughtful site planning, site design, and planting design, while using best design practices available, could make within the built and natural conditions as well as in the lives of individuals.

Streetscape and concrete design requires an awareness of the project’s devote the bigger context along with the capability to resolve the goals and interests of presidency, designers, special interests, and also the public. Our goal would be to make urban spaces attractive and welcoming to customers, and also to consider not just formal aspects of design but the subjective aspect, i.e., why would an individual opt for an area?

Historic landscape upkeep is definitely an area where success might be measured by adherence towards the ideas of others. While strict restoration is frequently difficult, it's our goal to become as faithful as you possibly can and appropriate to original intent, modified as needed through the constraints of the changed site, contemporary versus historic technology, an changing program, and also the constraints of budgets.

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Landscape Architecture Photos
Landscape Architecture Photos
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