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March 15, 2015
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Undergraduate 210 Studio / Collaboration Coordinator, School of Architecture

Alexandra Neyman holds both an expert of Architecture along with a Bs in Architecture in the College of Michigan. She also attended School of Art and style in the College of Michigan, in addition to Center for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI, and Schusev’s School of Art and style in Russia.

Alex’s academic interests and experimental research goal to integrate theoretical morphological studies, positively utilizing data from an array of sources and fields for example: biology, chemistry, medicine, critical theory, philosophy, and so forth. Through operative research and planned behavior simulations, the work aims to create new concepts for design and invent new spatial logics and organizations with an affect on physiologies of form. This type of research attempts to promote new materialism through spatial dynamics in producing form with distinct biases to classified repetition, variation, aggregation, unusual couplings, extreme hybrid systems and spatial anomalies. The job keeps using the spirit of critical generative matters and thinking, operative parametric design logics, actionable processes, complex form making and experimental urges.

Alex’s thesis project, “Mapping Heterotopia: speeding up Capitalist space” analytically investigated the influence of capitalism on space making, trying to exploit the emerging market logics in Russia, like a catalyst for brand new architectural options. This project is really a current and continuing research of mapping processes. The study is devoted to exploring speculative and practical rapid acceleration from the globalization, urbanism and capitalism and also the convulsing conditions from the market economy, in addition to developing new perspectives on critical issues in contemporary Russia and it is various effects on design practices. The job is created mainly through sketches and explores the relational territory between drawing, narrative, and spatial occupation in an urban scale, proportions of a piece along with a detail concurrently. Producing attracted explorations here, gives the job another wealthy topical orientation: the character from the architectural representation. The job was selected for publication in proportions 19, a College of Michigan publication.

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