Middle Ages Art and Architecture

August 8, 2017
Stained Glass Window from the


1) What's the title from the first kind of building utilized in Christian Places of worship?

2) Exactly what is a nave?

3) What feature is exclusive towards the Hagia Sophia?

4) Why did the wall of Romanesque Places of worship need to be so thick?

5) What area of the chapel would pilgrims bypass to determine the holy artefacts of this chapel?

6) Why were the Medieval Places of worship in a position to have large stain glass home windows?

7) Exactly what is a buttress? How's it not the same as a flying buttress?


8) That which was your preferred pictures within the architecture from the Dark Ages? Why?

9) Why maybe it was vital that you have large stain glass within the Medieval Cathedrals? How did these places of worship assist the Catholic Chapel meet it's goals?

1) Where were the centers of learning and art in early Dark Ages?

2)That which was the Iconoclastic Crisis?

3) Painting at the begining of Dark Ages was completed in what form?

4) What were the steps to assembling a stain glass window?

5) Why were sculptures not popular until round the eleventh Century?

6) Renaissance Sculptures were much like what earlier kind of sculpture?

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Art, Painting and Medieval Architecture (476 - 1435)
Art, Painting and Medieval Architecture (476 - 1435)
2E Middle Ages Medieval Art & Architecture
2E Middle Ages Medieval Art & Architecture
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